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What Is The Best Vpn For United States?

best vpn for USAUS citizens apprehensive about their privacy should therefore strongly consider utilizing a VPN service. We will take a closer look at the various issues surrounding VPN use in the USA. Remember, this discussion deals mainly with VPN for US citizens. Readers outside the U.S.A who want to access US services such as Hulu, the US version of Netflix, Pandora etc., will find that pretty near all VPN providers have servers stateside. So they can simply choose the best general provider for their needs.

Let see what is the Best Vpn for United States? Here’s the top 3

1. Winner – Express VPN

Express VPN are a PN company based in the US. They are ideal in terms of infrastructure to choose as a VPN in the US. With locations in 50 countries, you can access anywhere. They have plenty of IP addresses to use. Their 24/7 customer service is excellent and they have guides about completely everything, which are written in a clear method.

Express VPN have software for every type of OS you can imagine, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, everything. They have a new dedicated app for Android 4.

2. VyprVPN

VyprVPN isfast, 160-bit and 256-bit OpenVPN encryption (Pro only), Android app, iOS app, 3 day no risk free trial, up to 3 simultaneous connections, no usage logs. It is run by international consortium Golden Frog, and are Switzerland based which means they are outside the scope of UK and US legislation. VyprVPN has great 160-bit to 265-bit OpenVPN encryption enables 2 devices to connect simultaneously, provides a 3 day no risk free trial, and has apps for both Android and iOS. VyprVPN is ideal for streaming video as well.

3. Mullvad

Mullvad accepts Bitcoin, no logs, good speeds, cheap, client features internet kill switch and DNS leak protection, P2P: yes,  3 simultaneous connections. Though it is a small company, features an excellent OSX, Windows and Linux client with DNS leak protection, internet kill switch, server load information and port forwarding. It keeps no logs, uses shared IPs, and accepts payment not just in Bitcoins, but in cash sent by post!


VPN Story

I’m a parent of two boys—one is fourteen and the other is seventeen. Around Christmas season every year, I start looking around online for the presents I want to buy them. It isn’t anything especially secret or what not, just checking different websites for the best price. Anyway, last year they both figured out their presents early thanks to all of the random ads that get associated to my IP address. So when they would use the computer after I had looked things up (say, different brands of mountain bikes), all of the ads on the side of the screen would be showing different brands, models, prices, etc. of mountain bikes. Adding that to how good kids are with technology these days, and it wasn’t very long before both of my sons knew what they were getting.

After that debacle, I was talking with a few coworkers about it and, believe it or not, the IT guy told me about VPN’s. I’m not certain about exactly how it works, but basically a VPN will hide your IP address from websites you visit, basically making sure they can’t track who you are (making it impossible for them to do the selective advertising thing they do). He gave me a list of a few that a lot of people trust, so I looked around and picked one of those to use around the holidays.

Even though I started off just using a VPN when I’m shopping for presents, I found out it can help out with a lot of other things. Now I also use it on my iPad when I’m using it out where there’s public wifi, because apparently anybody can just jump onto your device and see what you’re up to if you use a public network.

I didn’t even know VPN’s were an option, but now that I do I think it’s a great tool to help you on the internet, and would definitely recommend it.

segurança wi-fi

How to Secure Your Internet Today

tToday’s internet user has many concerns about internet security. So, they hit the internet to find VPN VPN reviews. A quick internet search will bring up a list of available strong vpn review by, but which is best for you? For your 2014 VPN service provider, you want to make sure you pick the best VPN for you. Don’t skimp on the research and find yourself stuck with the wrong VPN.

When you search for VPN service, you’ll quickly discover that the internet is filled with plenty of VPNs for you to choose from. If you’re just looking to go with the best, HideMyAss, IpVanish and VyprVPN are some of the top picks.

However, if you just want a basic free VPN, check out some of the VPN provider reviews and also private internet access and tutorials. Read the whole review before clicking download! You want to be positive it is the best VPN for you. Cyberghost is the one of most popular free VPN services. This VPN is perfect for those who simply surf the web, and don’t need any special features.

i-download (2)

Go over the lists of pros and cons in these reviews. For example, the UK company HideMyAss isn’t going to be your best fit if you plan to download some illegal torrents. By UK law, they’ll have to rat on you if the government inquires. This VPN service is simply following law.

Just fight your urge to download illegal torrents, and you will be fine.

They might be someone else’s top 2014 VPN service pick. VPNs in the United States strive to maintain your privacy. No one likes the idea of the NSA invading our privacy. May VPNs, such as IPVanish, Cyberghost and VyprVPN, will not log your information. 

The VPN service reviews will let you know which companies have the best customer service, and which will leave you staring hopelessly at your computer screen. In 2014, VPN service is more important than ever. Don’t let a hacker infiltrate your internet, and protect yourself from being spieed on. Search for the perfect VPN for you, and feel secure today!


Know What is VPN?

vpn at work

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network. As its name suggests, a VPN allows for a private connection over a network, namely, the internet. There are many benefits to businesses when using a carefully designed VPN as opposed to a regular internet connection or a leased line.


Benefits of a VPN

  • Extended Connections – Network connections are available across the country and around the globe.
  • Flexibility – A VPN allows remote work to be completed by employees working from home or in a satellite office. Once connected to the VPN, the experience is the same to the employee as if they were actually in the main office. But if you to be sure that your data would be affected by some unattended troubles on the network, you can backup using a just cloud backup service-check this link about cloud storing of data; so that your data can be shared on your business network.
  • Cost Savings – When businesses can have employees work remotely from their own home office, they can save money in reimbursing travel expenses, brick and mortar savings from not having to lease expanded buildings when adding new employees, and more. 
  • Security – A VPN provides encrypted secure data for both incoming and outgoing data so all business data is completely secure when traveling through the internet. With the amount of hacking and data theft occurring recently, this is a necessity for any serious business.
  • Reliability – With a VPN, connecting to the company intranet is seamless for all employees. No matter where they connect from or what device they connect from, their experience is the same. This creates reliability and also reduces costs associated with technical support.
  • Expansion – As a business grows and needs to expand their services, a VPN is scalable and does not need to be replaced by new technology; it can grow with you.Remember you must secure your data first by using a backup technology like this just cloud benchmark-follow link to read about more information how to backup large amounts of data completely.


think twice

There are many different types of VPN’s that utilize different protocols and components. It is highly recommended that a professional installs and configures your VPN to ensure it is setup correctly.

If you decide to attempt this on your own, make sure to do plenty of research on VPNs so that you don’t run into expensive and time consuming problems down the road. Like reading this mypcbackup review and test to be familiar how you can ensure that your data wouldn’t be mess up when something goes wrong. 



Ive Tried IPVanish, Why Don’t You Too?


This semester I moved onto campus after finally convincing my parents that the dorm experience is really vital to the college experience. Good luck to anyone else who lives less than an hour from their college and has overly frugal parents. My parents really didn’t care that my music scholarship gave me a full ride and including campus housing.




They just didn’t want to see their baby girl move out (well they said I wasn’t ready too, especially without reading a private internet access review; but we know that’s a lie). Campus life has been pretty great so far. The freedom to go where I want when I want is amazing. My roommate is part of a sorority and in the next few weeks so she might be moving out to live in the sorority house. That means a double room all to myself. Fingers crossed that Amber moves out!




One issue I’ve been having is with the internet in dorms. The school runs the internet through a program called Cisco that tracks the sites students visit. Blocking certain sites completely and not allowing for safe use of any torrent downloaders. You can imagine how not being able to download torrents has been killing me. As a Vocal Performance major I absolutely need my music.


MacClient-02I can’t afford to pay for every single song I want to listen to and have always been able to rely on torrenting music instead. Recently one of the guys in my Bio 101 class mentioned something called a VPN that he’d been using to get around the school’s internet restrictions. I decided to Google it (while at a Starbucks, mind you) and found a really cool program called IPVanish;and I read this IPVanish review that they show how to use IPVanish software and have access to IP restricted sites.


Basically it creates a virtual private network (VPN for short) that unblocks any censored site and even hides all my internet traffic. Anything I torrent is encrypted for my protection so the school can’t find out and get me in trouble. It isn’t a free service, but I split the cost of it with two girls in my piano class since it can be used on multiple devices at one. I definitely suggest anyone living on a college campus to checkout IPVanish or read this VPN4All Review to try it at your pc or your phone ! It’s been a total life-saver!


witopia feature

Unique Ip with a VPN such as Witopia?

Chances are that you’ve had the same, unique IP address for a while now, and when you search for something on the internet you are revealing not only your name, but even your home address possibly. Moreover, you’ve probably made searches on the internet that might give people the wrong idea about you if they found out about them.

tech guy

Many people who are not super tech savvy have lulled themselves into a false sense of security regarding the privacy of internet searching. The idea that our internet searches our private is a horrible misconception, and couldn’t be further from the truth. When you’re internet searches are pegged to an IP address you’ve been using for an extended period of time, there’s no longer any mystery as to who’s been searching for what. Your privacy is non-existent.


Witopia VPN is Safe?


However, with WiTopia VPN you can be assured that you are searching the internet anonymously. When you are using WiTopia as per VPN service review says, the only IP address that can be detected is ours, not yours. You can rest assured that your true IP address is kept private as you search.



Do you take advantage of the free high speed Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, the public library or the student union building? If you do, you ought to know that these public Wi-Fi networks are notoriously insecure. All the data you’re sending out -your email, Facebook, Paypal, web searches and everything else- is literally out in the open in these public Wi-Fi situations.

Those with the upper-hand in terms of IT knowledge, and who are mean spirited to boot, know that these public Wi-Fi hotspots are perfect places to prey upon people who may not know how exposed they are. These unsavory characters are lurking everywhere at heavily frequented public Wi-Fi spots.

wifi hacker

One of the most malicious schemes these computer criminals have devised is known as the “evil twin” attack. In this scam, the sociopath will set up a fake wireless access point with a strong connection and a believable name like “FREE  library wireless”. You connect, thinking that it’s a legitimate wireless network, whereas in reality you’re sending all your data through the laptop of a hacker who can see everything- your passwords, usernames…everything.


Honestly, we’re not sure how often this happens, and it may even be pretty rare. Nevertheless, with data crimes, it usually only takes once to cause some pretty serious havoc in your life. So many had referred to use VPN services like on this website that posts best vpn service reviews and how to articles to learn using this softwares.  

With WiTopia VPN service you could even connect through the hacker’s laptop and all they would be able to capture is a lot of encrypted gibberish they will never be able to crack.

You have a company-issued VPN but don’t wish to use it for personal business.

When you use your employer’s best VPN service companies that offers top rated vpn service, typically all your online activity is tracked by default. Also, using your employer’s bandwidth and IP addresses for personal business is likely to be a violation of your company’s policies.

You use the Internet at hotels or other shared hospitality or public networks.

danger wifi

The dangers from connecting over public networks are not limited to wireless. For example, when you connect to the Internet from a hotel room, even over a wired connection, your data stream can be captured by any other user of that network. How well do you know the guy in room 503, really? Worse, public Internet connections (hotels, RV parks, Internet cafes, and the like) usually don’t have the same security in place you would have in an office or even at home.

You live in, or are visiting, a country that blocks Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or other Internet services.

WiTopia’s best VPN service review,which even shows up at that they make some VPN Service Software Reviews and VPN Provider Reviews like this HideMyAss VPN Review, should easily unblock VoIP, or other Internet services, such as Facebook, Twitter, or you-name-it in countries that block them. This can be a moving target, but we usually have a solution. If you need to unblock Vonage, or any service that utilizes hardware, we would recommend our CloakBox™ product.